Wholly Fit has changed my life.

I am healthier, happier and more confident. Whether you have a casual interest or have serious fitness goals, I would highly recommend Wholly Fit.

When I met Holly I was heavier than I had ever been in my life. I was closing in on 130 kg and had just started a new job, where she was the instructor. Unlike other trainers she understood that I wasn’t looking to loose weight or for diet advice, I just wanted to form a healthy gym habit. Holly made this easy -always smiling, approachable, encouraging and her classes cater for all levels. She tought me that there is always something you can do and then that there is always something more that you can do. I became more confident and joined a sport group and took on some personal training to develop strength. Since then I have learnt to run – something that I never thought I would do or that I thought needed learning. I have now represented NSW twice. I have never felt more alive or had so much energy. At work I am more focused and productive. I am happier and there is a certain confidence in knowing that you are physically fit and an average size.


Wholly Fit has changed my life.

Hi to anyone thinking about using Wholly Fit for personal training. I have been training with Holly and her team every week for four years on a one-on-one basis. At the beginning of 2009 I was 44 years old and weighed 102Kg and didn’t feel too good about myself. Holly trained me twice a week and gave me detailed nutritional advice and plenty of encouragement and motivation. I got my weight to 81 Kg after about 5 months and have maintained it ever since. We now train once a week and I also train at home and do a couple of hours cycling every week. Training with Holly is always fun, challenging and never boring. I am stronger and fitter now than I have been for 20 years and this helps me greatly with both my work as a builder and my social activities (surfing, sailing, golf). My energy levels are great and i am much happier with the way I look and feel. You couldn’t get a better personal trainer than Holly! I recommend her highly.

Timothy Schimek