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If you’re looking for a way to really motivate yourself on your exercise journey, our trainers can give you the boost you need. Here at Wholly Fit, we offer residents of Sydney a diverse range of classes to help get them into shape while making friends and sharing the benefits of a group mentality. In addition to our popular yoga, aerobics and boxing classes, we provide Beach Bodz boot camp sessions along Mona Vale beach every Monday evening for a fun and rejuvenating start to your week.

Smash it out with a hearty boot camp session

Break away from the mirrored confines and steel equipment of a gym and relish the beauty of Sydney’s beaches with group fitness training sessions. We conduct boot camp programs each week designed to suit all kinds of fitness levels. Our dedicated trainers know the importance of changing up your exercise program to not only keep you stimulated, but to really hone in on all your body’s muscles, which is why we constantly adapt our group training sessions to incorporate a wide range of exercise routines targeting all areas of the body. Take a truly refreshing approach to your fitness regime with a Beach Bodz session in Sydney’s Northern Beaches that will both challenge and richly reward you.

Focus on enhancing your health with a dedicated personal trainer

If you are more inclined towards finding an exercise program tailored to your specific health and lifestyle needs, a personal trainer at Wholly Fit can help you achieve just that. Harnessing years of experience in the industry and harbouring a deep passion for what they do, our trainers will work with you to establish your fitness goals and design a program so that you can improve your individual wellbeing.

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